Martian Landing

Martian Landing

Martian Landing Slot Machine Review

Martian Landing review by Dave Markings January 22, 2020

The Martian Landing online slot machine, a wonderful 8 pay-line, 3 game reel video slot machine. Watching this alien set slot machine displays its depth with spaceships, and then Martian Landing drives it through with lunar buildings putting you right in there. Martian Landing permits you the ability of playing for a minumum of $0.01 per slot spin. Additionally you also can include all 8 lines to up a bet to the maximum of $40. Other online slots from Ever88 software like Joe's Jackpot, Roulette Riches and Carnivale have the similar slot setup.

Final thoughts on Martian Landing

Martian Landing is a lot of fun to play, the alien design was well designed and the game play is smooth. Other slots like Double Dice share in much of the same feel. All online games offer a good possibility of cashing out a large amount but withdraw your winnings before they are gone.

The Martian Landing bonus games

Playing Martian Landing offers an unique way to score large sums of money, this is accomplished by scoring a slot bonus round win! On our video slot reviews I like to finish on the best items to focus on like these great slot features. If you enjoy large amounts of credits, the Brain Blitz would appear as it was placed for you! It's as simple as getting X forming in the center reels to launch. If you like large piles of riches, the Free Spins Bonus would seem as it was created for you! Simply get Diamond shape formed by the dog symbols to launch. I have to grant Martian Landing 5 of 5 stars for the bonuses. you almost don't worry about the actual game play.

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