Alchemy Fortunes

Alchemy Fortunes

Alchemy Fortunes Online Video Slot Review

The Alchemy Fortunes slot machine is a sharp 1 payline, 7 reel slot machine. Playing this well crafted science themed video slot brings lots of play by featuring symbols including red, green, pink and blue potion bottles. Along with these Alchemy Fortunes has red, green, violet and blue crystals raising the entertainment of this great science online video slot machine. Starting to play Alchemy Fortunes you have the choice of wagering for a minumum of $0.20 on a slot spin. Additionally you also can include all 1 line to up a bet to the maximum of $100.00. An insane win will have a few wilds in the pay line on Alchemy Fortunes. We point to other online slot machines like Spin Magic as it has the 7 reels and 1 line as well, some others including Gladiator and Double Wammy are close as well. As a lot of Microgaming online games like this one act the same so play some others as well..

Overall thoughts on the Alchemy Fortunes Slot Machine

Alchemy Fortunes is a lot of fun to play, the science theme is well thought out and the game play is smooth. Some other slot machines like Vegas Fortune share in much of the same feel. To wrap the review we think Alchemy Fortunes was a fun game including decent pay outs and images. This is one of the slots that kept my interest for a while as I was checking it out.

Bonus Rounds of the Alchemy Fortunes Slot Machine

The Alchemy Fortunes slot features the Hyperclusters bonus, trigger it by getting five or more matching symbols that are adjacent horizontally and/or vertically. Along with the Hyperclusters bonus, this machine also has the Magic Potion Meter that you can launch by getting every winning spin. Having filling the potion meter with 20 winning symbols will enable yet another bonus round on Alchemy Fortunes, Potion Swap. The 4th bonus feature, Summon Wilds bonus can be initiated by having 40 winning symbols added to the potion meter. Wow, this slot fetaures 5 unique bonus rounds. The 5th feature, Gem Crush can be played when you achieve 60 winning symbols added to the potion meter. The final 6th bonus Fortune Free Spins is achieved by having filling the potion meter with 100 winning symbols. Alchemy Fortunes designed by Microgaming promotes a lot of fun by having these features, be sure to enjoy these.

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